Doulas are distinct from midwives and medical doctors because we do not provide any medical care or keep any medical records. However, doulas and midwives share a common approach to practice which is rooted in compassionate care for childbearing women, newborn infants and families across the continuum from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the early weeks of life. Midwives and doulas can work together as helpers to guide families through a childbearing experience that meets their hopes of how they would like to welcome their baby into this world. Indigenous midwives and doulas honour Indigenous people’s languages, spiritual practices and cultural traditions, upholding birth as a deeply profound and sacred event.

Doula Trainings

Webinars, workshops + education

Cultural teachings + more

Guidance in Safe(er) Sex

Family Planning and Fertility Awareness

Grief and Loss


  • Referrals to elders and traditional knowledge holders to support participation in specific ceremonies
  • WorkshopsSupporting you to ready your home for baby’s arrival
  • Transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments

Prenatal Care

• Referrals to medical provider of your choice (obstetrician or midwife)
• Birth plan creation
• Supporting you to ready your home for baby’s arrival
• Transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments

Labour Support

  • Work collaboratively with your birth team to honour your birth plan
  • Provide comfort measures including...
  • Supporting your choices, rights and agency during birth
  • Ensuring cultural protocols and practices

Postpartum Care

  • Respite and light house cleaning and meal preparation
  • Phone and text support...
  • Transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments for yourself or baby
  • Advocacy, referrals and service navigation


Options counselling, including support to access traditional plant helpers and guides

Transportation and accompaniment to appointments

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